You probably ended up here because you are tired of all the shaving and waxing and you have finally decided to give laser hair removal a go! Hair removal is certainly a personal choice and whether you choose to go all naturel or dare to bare we are here to answer a few simple questions for you. We think of hair removal as simplifying your beauty routine. That means having more time to do other things than waste all your time shaving and waxing.


What is Laser Hair Removal?

One of the most effective ways for getting rid of unwanted hair from the body and face is laser hair removal. The pigment in your skin—which is often located at the base of your hair follicle—is what the laser looks for. The laser then changes from light energy to heat and effectively destroys the hair follicle at the root after it has been located because that is where your hair stem cells are located. When the hair root dies, the hair falls out.


Laser Hair Removal At-Home Vs In-Office

At-home hair removal tools have advanced significantly. Devices used at home operate similarly to professional therapies yet consume less energy. Even if they take more time to use, and are an excellent choice. Intense Pulse Light (IPL), a light-based technique that targets melanin to destroy the hair follicle after repeated treatments, is used by most at-home hair removal devices instead of genuine lasers. IPL is safe for a wide range of skin tones since it emits a broad spectrum of light rather than a single wavelength.


How much does Laser Hair Removal Costs?

Depending on where you live and you want to be fuzz-free, in office/clinic laser hair removal service might cost a pretty penny. Expect to pay between $100 and $150 each session for a tiny region like the upper lip, but budget several hundred dollars for larger areas like the legs and arms.

Laser hair removal handsets at home on the other hand costs less than $300 – a one time cost with no refills.

If you are thinking – No thank you, I will stick to my shaving and waxing, think again! You may not realise but you probably spend over $70 in shaving supplies per year, easily. Compare that to Laser hair removal handset at $300 for a one time investment, I’d say it’s a WIN!


Is laser hair removal painful?

Hair Removal itself is a painful chapter in any one’s life. Starting from shaving then waxing now laser hair removal. Thankfully, Laser Hair Removal at home comes with Ice Cooling technology that makes the hair removal experience almost painless. We say almost because it may feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin.


How many sessions of laser hair removal will you need?

You can laser unwanted hair from many parts of your body – stomach, back, arms, underarms, bikini line, face, legs and neck. How soon you start seeing results will depend on several factors such as hair color, hair thickness, skin color, hormones, genetics etc. Most people start seeing reduction in hair after 4 at home sessions. It is important to continue the sessions until the 12th week. After 12 weeks, all you need is 30 mins of your time once every two weeks for maintenance. I call that a BIG WIN!

Side Note: Bikini Areas and Underarms may take slightly longer to start seeing results. Be patient!


The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

It saves TIME - To maintain hairless skin, you could end up shaving over 3900 times in the next 25 years! If it takes you 15 minutes each time, that’s 58,500 minutes you’re wasting! Yeeshh That’s a lot.

As with shaving, depilatory creams takes roughly the same amount of time. Although waxing is less common, the results are temporary, and you must allow time to drive to your appointment.

Laser Hair Removal At Home is convenient and easy to use with no need for appointments and long showers.


It saves MONEY – If you shave, wax or use a depilatory cream, you might have already spent money on a lot of products such as ingrown hair oil, wax warmer, waxing strips. A lifetime of shaving might reach a whopping $10,000. By, switching the method of hair removal, you can “shave” this money from your budget.


It reduces IRRITATION - Depilatory creams, waxing, and shaving all irritate the skin. They may cause razor burn, ingrown hairs, redness, cuts, and burns. These adverse effects are made worse by the necessity of repeatedly using the techniques that cause them in order to maintain smooth skin. By using the IPL handset, all these issues can be mitigated.


Aftercare for Laser Hair Removal

It's important to know how to take care of your skin after laser hair removal.

  • No tanning. Your risk of burns as well as hypopigmentation (light patches) may rise as a result.
  • Avoid using tanning creams. Although they may appear innocuous, these items can irritate skin that has just received laser treatment. Rashes, burns, and pimples might appear.
  • Applying fragrance or perfumed lotions to the treatment area is not advised. These may irritate the skin and cause it to become red or discoloured.
  • If you have laser hair removal in the underarms, avoid using deodorant there. Additionally, some products could irritate the skin.
  • For at least a few days, stay away from body scrubs because they might irritate your skin.
  • Avoid hot baths, steam rooms, and saunas for at least 24 hours. It is important to stay away from hot water and hot, humid conditions after treatment since the treated region will be sensitive, which will speed up your skin's healing.



Is Laser Hair Removal At-Home worth it? Yes! Absolutely. The only downside to this is that because IPL Handsets targets the melanin in the hair follicles, it is only suitable if you have dark hair and lighter skin. (Please refer to our skin tone and hair color suitability chart).


August 12, 2022