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Clara - Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush


Does your skincare routine include facial cleansing? If yes then let us introduce you to CLARA: The At-Home compact cleansing brush with sonic vibration technology.

Clara comes with 3 replaceable brushes which makes this device suitable for all skin types.

100% completely waterproof, start timer and 3 modes of operation make this little cleanser packed with all the features you are looking for.

Product Specifications
Plug Type          : USB
Box Includes    : Facial Cleansing Device, 3 Brush Heads & Inductive Charger
Self-timer          : 1 minute timer
Levels               : 3
Modes of Ops  : Massaging, Exfoliating & Deep Cleansing
Packaging       : Fully recyclable 
Certifications  : CE,FCC,RoHS
Warranty          : 12 months from purchase date
      What's so special about this facial cleansing brush?
      The oscillation movement makes Clara is so gentle on your skin as compared to a spin brush to gently clean and get deep into the pores to remove dirt, dead skin, oil, makeup residues, and blackheads, 6X more effectively than a manual cleanser. Now that is pretty special!
      How do I use this facial cleansing brush?

      Here we have listed the 4 easy steps to get the most out of your facial brush

      1. Pre-wash your skin and brush head with warm water

      2. Apply cleanser to your face evenly or directly squeeze a small amount the brush head

      3. Clean the face with the brush. We recommend 20s for the forehead, 20s for nose and chin, 10s for each cheek.

      4. Rinse your face and brush head

      *Store the brush in a dry place and don't forget to charge!



      So when can I see some results?

      You can see the results almost instantly! Feel the difference of gentle daily cleansing with Clara

      Real Customers Real Reviews

      The Clara Cleanse!

      Three Modes with Timer

      Choose from 3 modes to suit your cleansing needs - 3000/min for massaging, 5000/min for exfoliating, 7000/min for deep cleansing. The smart timer function reminds you to change areas every 20s and turns itself off after 1 minute to ensure you wont over cleanse.

      Three Brushes

      Clara comes with three brush heads. The organic Silicone Brush - Suitable for all skin types; Deep Cleansing Brush - Suitable for cleaning pores and exfoliating; Sensitive Face Brush - Suitable for sensitive skin.

      Inductive Charging

      A fast wireless inductive charging takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge and can last anywhere between 30-45 days.

      100% Waterproof

      The inductive charging feature makes this facial brush 100% waterproof and YES!! You CAN use it in the shower!