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Mila - IPL Laser Hair Removal At Home

No more razor burns or ingrown hairs. It's time to throw away your razors, waxing strips, hair removal creams and ingrown hair creams.
Say Hello to your smooth skin and goodbye to unwanted hair, permanently!

Meet your new bestie – MILA: The IPL Laser Hair Removal At Home Device that directly targets the hair follicles and stops the hair growth from the roots.

Forget all the OG hair removal devices you know and have heard of because we made the hair removal experience a whole lot better. More powerful, More flashes, Faster results and a Cooling feature for a painless hair removal experience

MILA is guaranteed to deliver permanent results with visible hair reduction within the first week.

Less painful than waxing, way cheaper than in-salon laser appointments and certainly more permanent than shaving..

$224.99 USD $299.99
Product Specifications
Plug Type        : US
Box Includes   : IPL Handset, Charger & Protective glasses
Lamp Tube      : Xenon Quartz Tube
No. of Flashes : 999,999
Levels               : 5
Modes of Ops  : Automatic*, Continuous* & Manual*
(*Cooling mode can be used with all 3 modes)
Packaging       : Fully recyclable 
Certifications  : CE,FCC,RoHS
Warranty          : 12 months from purchase date
      Okay!! But what is IPL?

      IPL(Intense Pulsed Light) is one of the most commonly used cosmetic skin treatments to remove hair permanently. 

      The pulsed light works by emitting scattered wavelengths of light between 470-1200nm. This means that the IPL can treat a larger area of skin in a shorter time as compared to laser therapy. This light energy targets the root of the hair follicles and breaks them down resulting in diminishing hair growth. 

      Will this work for my skin/hair color?
      Some skin tones and hair colors may not be ideal when using our IPL device. Please refer to the chart below.
      Suitable Skin Types :
      Suitable Hair Color Types : long before I see results?

      Most users start to see a reduction of hair in just 3-4 treatments using our handset, with complete results after 12 treatments. However, results can vary from person to person.

      We made hair removal waaayy easier !

      See it in Action!

      The Automatic Mode allows you to glide ithe IPL over the area with no effort from you! Well may be a little. With about 75 flashes per minute, you can complete a full body treatment in 30mins

      What Makes Mila IPL Special?

      Ice Cool Technology

      Built with Ice Cool Technology that cools the skin as you laser your hair away - all in one simple motion. So don't forget to turn on the "Cooling Mode" for a painless hair removal experience.

      Packed with Features

      This device has an automatic mode to glide over larger treatment areas to save you some time and make the hair removal experience an enjoyable one. With almost a million flashes this device will last you a lifetime!

      No More Salon Appointments

      Waxing is more painful with hair regrowth in 2-3 weeks and ingrown hairs .... eww!. Laser Hair Removal in the salon is more expensive. At-Home IPL Handset is a permanent solution with a one time cost - no refills, no recurring cost. Psst... and it's also painless!

      Here's a Secret

      Did you know this device can be used on all parts of the body? YES - it is also safe to use on your bikini area? Get rid of the swimsuit runaway hair down there and get ready to go bare this summer. ❤