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Cristy - Crystal Roller and Gua Sha Set


Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and is useful for blocking negative energy. Clear quartz - the master healer is known to clarify, restore and strengthen the balance of the face and neck

Each piece of Cristy is carefully curated, charged and cleansed.

Due to natural variations in stone, every gemstone roller is unique in pattern and color. Simply pop the gemstones out from the handle and wash with a gentle soap. If squeaking occurs, add a few drops of oil to the ends of the roller. 

Product Specifications
Materials used : 100% Pure Crystal and Rose Gold coated Metal
Box Includes    : Crystal Roller and Gua Sha
Packaging        : Fully recyclable 
Warranty           : 12 months from purchase date
      Okay!! But why should I be using this?

      The benefits of using a crystal facial roller are many - improved skin tone and elasticity, reduction of puffiness and wrinkles, promotes lymphatic drainage, toxin elimination, tightening pores & natural collagen boost.

      Massaging the face with the wand can revitalise complexion by increasing blood circulation. This allows the skin to release toxins and calms inflammation giving you a brighter and healthier skin.

      Think of it as taking your skin to the gym. 

      How do I use it?

      Get results when you follow these tips on how to use

      Crystal Roller


      Gua Sha

      *Instruction card on how to use is included in the box*

      When can I start seeing results?

      Use the roller or gua sha on your face for 5 mins each day. You can start seeing the results almost instantly. But to keep that glowing look, it is recommended to be consistent. Like a workout, but for your skin!

      Real Customers Real Reviews

      The Cristy's Calm!

      Individually crafted

      Each piece of Cristy is carefully handcrafted, curated, charged and cleansed.
      Each set is unique!

      Made from 100% Crystal

      Crystal Quartz in its purest form. It is a master healer that can help clear the negative energy as well as restore, balance and strengthen.

      Use With Serum or Cream

      A serum, facial oil or cream of your choice can help absorb the goodness deep into your skin for maximum results.

      Cleanse, Recharge & Cool

      For a more spiritual clean, clean the roller with salt or saltwater. To recharge the energy leave the crystal in the moonlight for the night. To cool you may also leave it in the refrigerator overnight.