MY SHEEN SKIN ICE COOL IPL HANDSET works by emitting scattered wavelengths of light between 470-1200nm. This means that the IPL can treat a larger area of skin in a shorter time as compared to laser therapy. This light energy heats the hair follicles and breaks them down. Each session diminishes the hair growth until the hair is gone for good. This light also heats the skin cells surrounding the hair follicles. The body will then naturally remove the damaged skin cells and repair it with new ones giving you a silky sheen skin.

Absolutely! IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is one of the most commonly used cosmetic skin treatment to remove hair follicles, pigmented/damaged skin cells and reduce signs of aging. MY SHEEN SKIN IPL HANDSET does just that while we keep it COOL.

Not at all! It is 100% pain free. You may feel a slight warm sensation on the skin.

The Ice Cool Technology incorporated into our handsets, cools the area around the light window to 0°C. This cooling sensation is what makes the whole process 100% pain free.

Our handset offers extremely long-lasting results however no form of laser hair removal is permanent, even at the clinics. Just be careful when companies claim “permanent” hair removal, as this term technically means that there will be no regrowth of hair for 6 months. To maintain long-term results, we advise using our Handset once a week for 8 weeks, then just once every few months for maintenance.

Although it isn’t necessary, we do recommend using eye protection glasses. But don’t worry, we included it in the box.

Most users start to see a reduction of hair in just 3-4 treatments using our handset, with complete results after 12 treatments. However, results can vary from person to person.

We recommend using your handset 2-3 times a week for the first 4 weeks. After week 4, use your handset for twice a week until week 6, then once a week for weeks 7 and 8. If you would like to maintain hairless, smooth skin, we recommend using your handset once every week for a couple of months depending on regrowth followed by once every 2 to 3 months, or as needed.

Our handsets are built with Xenon Quarts Tube giving it its use-life of 999,999 flashes, which will last well over 12 years if used as directed.

Our handsets have an energy output of 6-15J/cm2, this means it is ideal for safe hair removal, and is also approved for effective at-home use.

You can use your handset on your whole body, including your brazilian and face. (just be sure to not get too close to your eyes). Please refer to the user manual included in the box for detailed list of areas.

Yes, we recommend shaving the areas you wish to target before using your handset.

Between your treatments you should only shave when required. We recommend never waxing, plucking, or epilating as these hair removal methods removes the entire root, which is what absorbs our handset's light during the treatment.

No, unlike laser-clinics, our handset is a once-off purchase. There is no need for replacements or refills. Simply plug in and go!

YES YES and YES! My Sheen Skin has partnered with AfterPay to provide a Buy Now, Pay Later Service. Please Note: AfterPay is only available to customers living in the United States and Canada.

Our handset is suitable for all but the darkest skin tones. Please refer to our skin tone chart below to see whether our handset is suitable for you.

Yes! Our Handset works on both dark and light hair colours, if your hair is lighter you may just need 1-2 sessions more to achieve the same results as someone who is brunette. IPL relies on melanin in the hair absorbing the light energy, and therefore IPL is not effective on very light blonde, red, or grey coloured hair.

Although no evidence stating that IPL has negative effects on pregnant or breastfeeding women exists, we still cannot recommend using our handset if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, just as a precaution.

No, you should not IPL over very dark freckles or moles, although light freckles are okay.

No, you should not IPL over tattoos, although going around tattoos is fine.

If you have been tanning recently, we must recommend waiting 2 weeks before using your handset. Please also wait at least 48 hours to tan after using your handset. Artificial tan should also not be on your skin whilst using your handset.

No. You will need to remove and exfoliate all fake tan before using your IPL handset.

Our handsets come with a 12V power supply and a 110V-240V AC adapter.

Yes, our handsets come with a 12-month warranty and 90 day money-back guarantee.

Yes, you can. This may decrease the lifetime of the handset per user. You should also always thoroughly clean the handset after each use.

Cleaning of the handset is advised after each use. You can use an alcohol wipe, or any antibacterial product to clean down the handset and the light window after treatment. Ensure your handset is powered off, and not plugged in before doing so. You should then store the handset in a cool, dry place after use (once the handset is completely dry).

As there is heat involved, slight blackening on/around the light window is normal and will not affect your handset, how it works or the results at all.

Yes, this is completely normal. As the light energy is heating the hair, you may smell a slight burning but this just means there may be some hairs that have not been shaved. Please ensure that you have prepped the skin correctly, and that the skin is completely shaved before starting your session.

We advise that users of our handsets are 16 and older.

Our handsets have been designed to be suitable for at home use, so they are gentle on skin. This means that it is suitable for sensitive skin types!

When using the handset as recommended, side effects are rare. Redness and swelling is the most common side effect from IPL, which will quickly subside after treatment.

IPL can definitely be used on hormonal hair growth and has proven to be quite effective. Most PCOS customers have said this makes the hormonal hair regrowth more manageable as it doesn’t regrow as quickly. It also assists with minimising the appearance of shaver rash as you will not need to shave it as often.

IPL will not be suitable for you if you have epilepsy.

Patients with any autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal healthy tissue, can have photosensitivity and therefore IPL will not be suitable.