Are you complaining about your painful waxing sessions every month? Or fed up with shaving every two days and fighting ingrown hair? Are you tired of paying for expensive Laser Hair Removal Treatment at the clinic? If you answered YES to all – then IPL At home Laser Hair Removal is the thing for you.

We have listed the top 4 reasons why winter is the best time to start your at home IPL laser hair removal treatment.

1. Less Sun Exposure

IPL Lesson 101 – Laser Hair Removal cannot be performed on tanned or sun-burnt skin.

It is recommended that you stay away from any UV exposure for at least 24 hours after using the IPL device. You will also need to avoid any tanning during your sessions. You can start to see a pattern here. Between avoiding the sun and tanning, it is almost impossible to squeeze in your hair removal sessions during the summer. By late Fall/Winter season, you have already lost your tan and your skin has been away from the sun. Your skin is ready for permanent hair removal sessions.


2. No Excessive Sweating

IPL Lesson 102 – Stay away from activities that cause excessive sweating [including steam, sauna & very hot showers]

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) works by emitting scattered wavelengths of light between 470-1200nm. This light energy heats the hair follicles and breaks them down. The cooling technology in the My Sheen Skin Handset, does temporarily cool the area around the light energy, but the hair follicles might still be heat sensitive for the next 24 hours after each treatment.

Winters already brings cold temperatures and less humid weather. This makes it more comfortable for you after each session as compared to summer time.


3. Easier to Manage Schedule

We love Summer. But our schedule seems rather busy enjoying the sunshine on the beaches or any outdoor activities such as hiking. During winters, since most time is spent indoors, your IPL treatments can continue without any interruptions. It is easier to manage your session schedule during this time. This will give you better results in the end.  


4. Hair-Free by Summer

Summer time is all about beaches, bikinis, skirts and shorts. We recommend 2-3 sessions each week when you start, gradually reducing down to one session every 2 weeks or less depending on hair growth. Considering you start your hair removal sessions in the winter season, you will be hair-free by Summer. In case you decide to travel, you can bring this handset with you on your vacation for a quick touch-up

December 09, 2021