Ever wondered why at-home IPL laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular? Apart from the obvious reason that it's quick, easy and less messy compared to all other hair removal options out there, here are some of the other reasons to consider. (P.S. Skip to the end for a picture proof)


1. Cost


Our research shows that in an average lifetime, a woman spends approximately $10,207 on shaving products and $10,555 on hair removal creams. Shaving is one of the relatively cheaper hair removal options.

Additionally, a woman may spend upwards of $23,000 on waxing in her lifetime (this estimate is based on waxing a small body part twice a month).

Laser hair removal salons are by far, the most expensive hair removal methods. Each session can cost you anywhere from $50-$400. It may take 8-15 sessions + 1 session every 3 months for maintenance. 

            But My Sheen Skin At-Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Device is a one-time investment of $299.99 which comes with 999,999 flashes to last you for a lifetime - unlimited sessions & maintenance. If you see little or no results we also offer a 90-day Money-Back Guarantee.


2. Multiple Treatment Areas

I think many of us will agree that women constantly battle body hair and hair removal. Always in a confused state of mind - shaving not suitable for face, hair removal creams not suitable for bikini area, painful waxing experiences, etc.

So we have an entire drawer labelled “hair removal supplies” (well at least I did).

            Clear that drawer out today and say goodbye to shaving, waxing, epilation, sugaring and hair removal creams.

            One device targets all areas – IPL Laser Hair Removal


3. Hair Regrowth

To understand hair regrowth we must first understand how each hair removal method works. (See chart below).

IPL Laser Hair Removal is the only hair removal method that targets the root of the hair follicle to cause controlled damage. This makes the hair fallout and inhibits further hair growth.  This also avoids any ingrown hair problems


4. Permanent Results

Do you sometimes shave and the very next day you can feel your legs prickly? Or already feel an ingrown hair that makes you want to itch?

Out of all the hair removal methods mentioned above, IPL Laser Hair Removal is the only one that's permanent


5. Convenience

The Ultimate Benefit of At-Home IPL Laser hair Removal is Convenience.

  1. No hair patches
  2. Less messy
  3. Pain-free with our Ice Cool technology
  4. No ingrown hair
  5. No itchiness
  6. Smooth skin
  7. Beach ready always!

…and so many more. The list is endless.



Chart showing Regrowth and Cost for various hair removal methods

If you haven't been swayed YET, then check out some of our reviews on https://mysheenskin.com/products/laser-hair-removal

October 26, 2021